Services Subheading

Organizational WorkFlow And Safety Standards

Objective Of the Firm

The objective of our firm is to ensure that the waste (dry & wet) from terminal buildings, offices and landside are managed in a way that facilitates hygiene – esthetics, proper collection & disposal.


  • All Staff are aware of this objective (Waste Management), for new recruitments proper training is being provided.
  • To Efficiently collect waste with intact garbage bags in appropriate time by waste handlers with PPE, if necessary on need basis also.
  • Co-Ordination with Other Members for monitoring of waste management and Efficient Process of Management


  • Each waste stream is collected in a seprate bin with clear sign and colour coding as appropriate. Adequate staff is positioned in the respective premises at all floor levels and all chutes for collection of waste.
  • To remove waste and deal with it according to contract requirement. All types of unused waste to be disposed off as per schedule.

Training and Competency Required

Proper training is being imported to staff of waste management so that processing and responsibility for effective implementation of waste management is in compliance. All applicable employees are being trained in General Waste management, including how to recognize and report illegal connection or discharges.

Critical Steps for Workers HealthCare

  • Immediate bleed the wound.
  • Wash the wound with soaps and water.
  • Report injury to Supervisor.
  • Seek care and Treatment.

Waste Pickup Cart

Our company is operating battery cart inside the Premises Of the Contract Place to collect garbage bags to enable to cover all areas of the building in prescribe limit of time.